XXXIX Meeting of the Electrochemistry Group of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry and 3rd E3 Mediterranean Symposium: Electrochemistry for Environment and Energy

2nd – 5th July 2018

Faculty of Medicine

University Complutense of Madrid


Young researchers at the beginning of their career are invited to present their most recent results from the front end of research on Electrochemistry. Seniors will give introductions on special advanced aspects of electrochemical research and technology. Some plenary lectures and keynotes will present high end research and future trends. Selected presentations on applications and industrial success will round up the comprehensive picture of the state of Electrochemistry in the world.

Participation of different sponsors and national and international renowned scientists will allow young researchers to make their first steps in their academic career and to get in touch with most up-to-date research methods and applications.

The Symposium will cover all topics of research on Electrochemistry and focus on:

  • Analytical electrochemistry: solving real-world analytical problems.
  • Bioelectrochemistry: electrochemistry of biological systems.
  • Electrochemical energy storage & conversion: towards next generation energy storage and conversion applications.
  • Material electrochemistry: electrochemical materials technology.
  • Electrochemical process & engineering: electricity intensive processes for industrial or energy storage applications.
  • Molecular electrochemistry: molecules and electrochemistry.
  • Theory and fundamental electrochemistry.
  • E3 Mediterranean Symposium: Electrochemistry for Environment and Energy





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